Friday, June 24, 2011

Two New Pieces Completed!

I tried posting these on here a few days ago; however, blogspot was giving me some technical difficulties...So here we go again!

A Rooster in the Sun
A painted this as a gift for my mother as a belated Mother's Day present and early birthday present. She absolutely adores roosters. Our entire kitchen is decorated with them!
I haven't painted since November, so this was quite relaxing. I'll definitely be painting/drawing more birds in the near future. Most likely my next piece! 

This is kind of a quickie piece I did for my watchers on my deviantART. To be honest, I missed receiving a few hundred favorites on a piece in a 24 hour period. This one almost hit 400 favorites in a 24 hour period. I know it's a fan art (Rapunzel from Tangled) and that's why it received all those favorites. Back to original pieces from here on out!