Friday, June 24, 2011

Two New Pieces Completed!

I tried posting these on here a few days ago; however, blogspot was giving me some technical difficulties...So here we go again!

A Rooster in the Sun
A painted this as a gift for my mother as a belated Mother's Day present and early birthday present. She absolutely adores roosters. Our entire kitchen is decorated with them!
I haven't painted since November, so this was quite relaxing. I'll definitely be painting/drawing more birds in the near future. Most likely my next piece! 

This is kind of a quickie piece I did for my watchers on my deviantART. To be honest, I missed receiving a few hundred favorites on a piece in a 24 hour period. This one almost hit 400 favorites in a 24 hour period. I know it's a fan art (Rapunzel from Tangled) and that's why it received all those favorites. Back to original pieces from here on out!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bird Watching Complete

A happy accident.

Pose reference for the girl found here.

Process Photos: Bird Watching

This piece was an accident.

I originally had an entirely different composition planned after drawing some quick thumbnail sketches. The sketch wasn't coming out like I planned, so I ended up sort of doodling dead trees...then I added a few birds here and there.

This ended up being a very happy accident.
The only thing that stayed the same from my original idea was the color scheme.

I really wanted to ink this in black since it had been so long since I did a piece in that way. I really love how the line art turned out.

Started coloring her skin first as always.

And then her hair...

Messy bottom layer of the dress. My markers are really dying. I need to buy some new ones really bad!

Working on the dress...

Dress and figure completed!

Started coloring the grass. I wanted to keep a complimentary color scheme throughout the piece so that she would really pop in her blue dress.

More grass!

Started coloring in the sky. Didn't really know what I was doing. 

More sky finished and a tree!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grove of the Fern Faerie Complete

I really loved working on this piece. I feel like I really pushed myself in reference to the composition, the texture, and the color. I'm very pleased with this piece.

Process Photos: Grove of the Fern Faerie

I really enjoyed working on this piece!

Really crappy photo of the sketch. Sorry!

Crappy photo again. 

Started coloring her sleeve. I had way too much fun. :)

Dress is pretty much colored. Went more detailed than I initially planned. Sometimes art has a mind of its own...

Started coloring the tree.

More tree coloring!

I don't even know how this tree came about. I love how it looks but wow. It makes no sense.

Foreground complete!

Started the background.

Close up of the plant life and part of the tree.

Plant life begins to take over...

Now it's eating up the side...

More trees! Oh boy!

Working on the background some more...

Close up of the right corner's process.

Background complete!

Starting her wings. Forgot to take process photos of the wings. I referenced real butterfly wings if that helps at all.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friends Complete

I'm very pleased with the outcome of this piece. 
I'll be drawing more chickens in the future.

Process Photos: Friends

Wanted to practice illustrating animals some more so I decided to draw a cute little picture of a girl with some of her farm animals!

Sketch in colored pencil...usually the inking stage; however, my brown pen died. I like the look of the colored pencil better, honestly.

Started coloring the girl. Really happy with her face in particular. :)

Coloring my first horse! I'm sure I've drawn a horse in the past...but that was probably a good 10 years ago!

I really enjoyed drawing and coloring the lamb. 

While drawing this picture, I discovered my love for drawing chickens. Chickens are amazing. I'll be drawing more in the future.

Colored my piggy! He looks emo with his ear in front of his face haha.

I always tell myself I'm never going to draw/color another tree again. Some how at least one tree always manages to sneak itself into my pictures...

Started coloring the landscape. :)

More landscape work!

Coloring the old barn begins.

More barn!

Pretty much complete!