Thursday, June 16, 2011

Process Photos: Bird Watching

This piece was an accident.

I originally had an entirely different composition planned after drawing some quick thumbnail sketches. The sketch wasn't coming out like I planned, so I ended up sort of doodling dead trees...then I added a few birds here and there.

This ended up being a very happy accident.
The only thing that stayed the same from my original idea was the color scheme.

I really wanted to ink this in black since it had been so long since I did a piece in that way. I really love how the line art turned out.

Started coloring her skin first as always.

And then her hair...

Messy bottom layer of the dress. My markers are really dying. I need to buy some new ones really bad!

Working on the dress...

Dress and figure completed!

Started coloring the grass. I wanted to keep a complimentary color scheme throughout the piece so that she would really pop in her blue dress.

More grass!

Started coloring in the sky. Didn't really know what I was doing. 

More sky finished and a tree!

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