Thursday, June 9, 2011

Process Photos: Grove of the Fern Faerie

I really enjoyed working on this piece!

Really crappy photo of the sketch. Sorry!

Crappy photo again. 

Started coloring her sleeve. I had way too much fun. :)

Dress is pretty much colored. Went more detailed than I initially planned. Sometimes art has a mind of its own...

Started coloring the tree.

More tree coloring!

I don't even know how this tree came about. I love how it looks but wow. It makes no sense.

Foreground complete!

Started the background.

Close up of the plant life and part of the tree.

Plant life begins to take over...

Now it's eating up the side...

More trees! Oh boy!

Working on the background some more...

Close up of the right corner's process.

Background complete!

Starting her wings. Forgot to take process photos of the wings. I referenced real butterfly wings if that helps at all.

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