Thursday, June 2, 2011

Process Photos: Friends

Wanted to practice illustrating animals some more so I decided to draw a cute little picture of a girl with some of her farm animals!

Sketch in colored pencil...usually the inking stage; however, my brown pen died. I like the look of the colored pencil better, honestly.

Started coloring the girl. Really happy with her face in particular. :)

Coloring my first horse! I'm sure I've drawn a horse in the past...but that was probably a good 10 years ago!

I really enjoyed drawing and coloring the lamb. 

While drawing this picture, I discovered my love for drawing chickens. Chickens are amazing. I'll be drawing more in the future.

Colored my piggy! He looks emo with his ear in front of his face haha.

I always tell myself I'm never going to draw/color another tree again. Some how at least one tree always manages to sneak itself into my pictures...

Started coloring the landscape. :)

More landscape work!

Coloring the old barn begins.

More barn!

Pretty much complete!

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